Why study law at iU?

I will be talking about legal literacy with full-time iU faculty member, Sakai-san. In a recent class, we learned about the Radio Law and the Broadcast Law.

These are laws that are important for us to learn in order to create some kind of service using IT.

When I was a freshman, President Nakamura and Mr. Osaki, the chairman of Yoshimoto Kogyo, had a conversation on iU Welcome LIVE, and they talked about Yoshimoto Kogyo’s new BS station.

They are planning to use us iU students to help them start their own business.

Nowadays, “sending out information” is indispensable for doing new and fun things.

Because of the development of social networking sites, this kind of communication will be seen by someone, and the number of people who will support you will increase, and you will be able to make a living from it.

This is what Mr. Takafumi Horie is talking about.

Now, back to the BS thing.

If we were to make a BS program, what could we do?

・A regional development program to promote the city where I grew up.

・Hold an esports tournament in the iU and broadcast it live.

・Documentary on iU entrepreneurship

・An on-campus digital comedy contest

Just to name a few, the range of things I want to do increases.

What is important here is the legal perspective.

To be honest, some iU students think that there is no need to learn.

However, if you have a plan for a BS program and you are going to present it in front of people who will support you to make it happen, you should have many “cards” to convince them.

Therefore, if you attend class lectures with the awareness that this knowledge will work to your advantage, rather than just “to get credits,” you will suddenly feel more motivated to learn.

When I was learning about the Radio Law and the Broadcast Law, I took the course with this in mind.

This time, I will discuss corporations in the larger framework of “law.

A corporation is otherwise known as a “legal person.

The act of creating a virtual person above the law is entrepreneurship.

Just as humans have basic rules, corporations also need basic rules.

We believe that this is the law regarding corporations.

There are a variety of laws regarding corporations, but the key is to make good use of them and develop better “people (corporations)”. Therefore, there is no harm in learning about them.

Nowadays, we are bound by laws. However, we don’t feel bound by them at all.

This is because they function as a matter of course. We are living freely within the framework of the law. What about corporations, which we may not be aware of?

When you create a corporation, you may suddenly have to be aware of the law.

“Is this action against the law?

“Does this act violate the law?” “Is the establishment in accordance with the law?

These are some of the questions that you may be thinking while establishing your company.

If you are going to expand overseas, you need to understand the laws that apply to overseas companies.

Companies and laws are inextricably linked.

Therefore, it is necessary to learn about it and it can be a clue for knowledge.

I took a course on legal literacy when I was a first-year student, and it was profound.

Not only do you need to know the outline of the law, but you also need to think about how you should act in this case. This kind of thinking is very important in using knowledge.

To make the knowledge your own, to make it flesh and blood, you need to

Knowing, knowing how to use, and doing it yourself

Legal literacy is a 2-step process.

Legal literacy is very rewarding because the course covers the first two steps.

Since I still have a limited understanding of the subject, I will continue to learn so that I can act quickly when necessary.

iU class discussion vol.1