What kind of committee is Peer Support?

Hello again, this is Koyano from the iU Blog. This marks the second introduction to iU committees, following the introduction of the Startup Committee posted two weeks ago (see https://t.co/cC29rUy0Iy?amp=1). To briefly summarize the committees again, within iU University, there are a series of official university student groups called committees created under an umbrella organization called the Gakuyukai. This Peer Support Committee, which I will introduce henceforth, is another key aspect of IU. Also, to assist in the details, this article was co-written by Ms. Mine, Chairperson of the Peer Support Committee. Please enjoy reading to the end!

What is the Peer Support Committee?

As iU is a newly established university, it does not currently have a senior student body, in which junior students can rely on for guidance. University events and activities are routinely under one developing stage or another. Furthermore, due to the effects of the pandemic situation, it has become a struggle for all students to attend all university classes on a full-time basis. The alternative has been online class sessions. However, if this situation does not change, students may begin to lose hope and attrition may be a result. With this in mind, the Peer Support Committee was created by iU students with a guiding principle of “Connecting and supporting iU students.” More concretely, the committee seeks to create a place where students can interact with each other.

The activity principle of the Peer Support Committee

Our Vision is to promote students to support other students. This ideal appears to be simple, but does pose some difficulties. First, we need to identify who is able and capable of providing support. This means that rather than being a mandate, we seek to provide opportunities for those capable of sharing their time and hearts for their colleagues. 

Ou Mission: is to connect students with students. As action guiding principles, when fellow students have difficulties, big and small, then other students can make themselves available to help. This is the key important point. However, we understand that life’s difficulties cannot be completely reduced. Yet, it is possible to work within these guidelines and share while discussing possible solutions to problems. 

Possible future Goals of activity results

  • Online study support for students
  • International student exchange meetings (twice in total, in September and November)
  • Others (individual consultation, etc.)
  • Events in 2021 (planned)
  • International Student Exchange Party

Let’s create a supportive, understanding, and interactive environment between iU students!


The “International Student Exchange Party” has been the activity which committee members would like to promote. Committee members feel that it is time to support this activity at this stage in the school’s short history. The reason is that many students who have moved to the Tokyo area are from overseas and they may feel a sense of loneliness. Therefore, the committee feels this event is a clear move towards connecting our international students with their Japanese peers. And, we will most certainly hold it again this year!


It is regrettable that there are no members within the Peer Support Committee (PSC) that can speak a second language. This has made it difficult to fully understand the plight of foreign students, what they feel, or what they are thinking about. Thus, PSC means to connect with peoples from other nations by connecting with each torah first. We pledge to commit to connect international students with other students!

Overview To be held in May

Prepare an application form and invite people who would like to participate in the exchange meeting for international students. Have fun through project planning, recreational events, and communication exchange. At the end of the event, a tea party called “P-time” will be held to help people with some of their current problems.

Exchange Party for freshman Students


Let’s make lots of friends here! The sophomore student exchange event is the committee’s initial effort. However, the outline of the event will be in the same form as the International Student Exchange Party. Sophomores seek to connect with our freshman classmates. This is the reason for creating this event. Unfortunately, current sophomores had limited options during their freshman year, and activities were restricted to an online environment. Currently, the ability to meet face-to-face has improved, yet there is still a lack of interaction between freshman and sophomores. Our objective is to increase the number of connections through this event.

Outline To be held in June

Prepare an application form and invite people who would like to participate in the second term exchange meeting. Have fun through project planning, recreational events, and communication exchange. At the end of the event, a tea party called “P-time” will be held to help people with some of their current problems.

Sports Networking Sessions

“Let’s interact through exercise!


In the past, when we held a social event, we always decided on the purpose of the event and the “target” audience. However, we realized that there was no end to what we could do. We had to find a way to get as many people together as possible…exercise!

We’re going to hold a large scale event on the spacious grounds of the iU through exercise! This event is too attractive for active students!


For now, we are targeting the first and second year students. We hope that this event will be a fun way to interact with people you have talked to before and people you have never talked to before. This is a big event that will be tackled jointly by the Peer Support and Festivals Committee, and all the members will work together as one, so let’s all run around the grounds and have all the fun we can!

Outline To be held in July

  1. Prepare an application form and invite people who want to participate in the exercise exchange. (First come, first served or by lottery)
  2. Have fun through a variety of physical activities.
  3. Clean up afterwards and disband.

In closing, you may still wonder, what is “peer support”? While you may still only have a vague idea, about the committees’ ultimate goals. We would like to explain that the fundamental reason for creating this student group is to provide a peer support organization; where peer means companionionship, equality, support , and a means of aid or assistance. When combined, it means mutual support among peers. In other words, all iU students are in fact members of the Peer Support Committee! As mentioned, it is impossible to eliminate all problems for all students. Albeit, it is possible to provide a supportive environment for each other. Henceforth, iU students will work hand in hand to overcome problems that may arise. Let’s provide peer support!

Thank you for reading to the end! What are your thoughts? As you can see, the committee has prepared various social events to support the mental health of students. And, like the ancient seven wonders of the earth, we hope that you were able to unravel this marvelous wonder of iU. In the next article, we will introduce the Festival Committee, which is responsible for the preparation and management of iU University’s cultural festival-like events. Please look forward to it!