What is iManager? Interview with Ai Nakamura.

Nice to meet you all, this is Miyazawa from iU Blog! This time, I interviewed Ms. Ai Nakamura for the second part of my interview project with iManager.
The first interview is here -> https://blog.i-u.ac.jp/?p=202
I’m sure many iU students have had the opportunity to talk to i-managers, but it’s not often that you get the chance to hear about them, so this is a must-see for iU students!

Q. What is an i-Manager anyway?

An i-Manager is like a homeroom teacher who is there for the students. They are a little different from professors who give classes, but they support you in various matters such as school life on a daily basis.
We asked Mr. Nakamura, the iManager, 10 questions this time! We asked him to answer a variety of questions from the perspective of an iManager, ranging from his daily work to the issues facing the iU.

1 What is the job of an iManager?

My main job is to deal with students. First of all, when I arrive at school in the morning, I reply to Slack and emails from students. In addition to replying to them, I also send them Slack messages and emails. I also conduct interviews, deal with students at the counter, and answer the phone. In between, each i-manager does his/her own work other than dealing with students. I also participate in meetings and conferences. Rather than doing the same work at the same time every day, each of us adjusts our own schedule to carry out our work.

2 How did you become an i-manager?

When I was a university student, I studied pedagogy and developmental psychology at the Department of Education. I was interested in education and wanted to be involved in the education industry. At that time, I happened to learn about iU on a career change website and was interested because I thought it would be challenging at a time when the company was just starting up. I also decided to work at a university where students can develop the skills they will really need in the future, and I want to be a part of a team that supports students to grow through new learning and produce many people who will be active in society.

3 What is rewarding about being an iManager?

The most rewarding thing is the growth of the students. When I see students who are able to think and do things they couldn’t do before over a long period of time, and when I can feel their growth, I feel that it’s worthwhile. I also feel rewarded when students fully utilize the iU and achieve results.

4 What is the best thing about being an iManager?

The best thing about being an iManager is that I get to see the students up close. There are a lot of fun things and a lot of hard things, but I think it is a good thing to be an i-manager because I can be in close contact with students at a university where students are the key to success.

5 Is there anything you would like to do with students in the future?

When the new coronavirus epidemic is over, I would like to have a big social event with faculty and students. I would also like to hold a school event where everyone can participate, such as a sports festival.


In the second part, we’ll delve even deeper into the internals of iU! Enjoy!

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