Vtuber Office Intern Job Description Revealed!

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Hello, this is Hiyoshi from iUBlog. This is my first time participating in an internship and I would like to talk about my experience and what I learned from it. I was pretty nervous about my first opportunity, but I gained skills.


My internship is at a company called SoLNi Co., Ltd. and I’m mainly assist with Vtuber production business called Harehare. As a side note, there are also two other student interns from iU working with me here. What is a Vtuber? To put it simply, a Vtuber is a video distributor who uses a 2D or 3D avatar. What kind of work do I do? There are three main activities that I do, they are: manager duties, auditioning for selection, and creating clipped videos. Let me explain each of these.


My first  assignment, as an intern, was as talent manager for one Vtuber.  I was quite nervous and didn’t do as well as I had hoped. I remember being very worried. I realized once again how difficult it is to accurately communicate with people , and how difficult it is to verbalize what you want to say well. Now, I feel that I should be more proactive about having conversations to deepen friendships.If you want to join an unknown circle, you need to be proactive and not passive.

Audition selection

After SoLNi released “Hare Hare”!, recruitment for the second term talent was held. I was assigned to support the audition and selection process for the second term students, The audition process wasa big growth experience for me. The assignment was uncomplicated , but  very important to select talent for the second term. There was no room for mistakes. It was a valuable experience to work in such a tense environment. I feel that it was a rare opportunity for me to be able to select applicants. It was amazing that the company president allowed interns to help in this way. I was able to succeed in something that is difficult to experience as a student. This has given me a lot of confidence.

Creating videos

I have been using several platforms such as YouTube to create and post videos. It takes me a lot of time since I am new to video editing. Yet, I am worried about the low quality. It was  difficult to create thumbnails andedit videos. I’ve learned how hard it is to transcribe, and I honestly respect people who run video channels. It’s such a hard job even though a video may only about 2 minutes long. Sometimes I am frustrated that I can’t get better at it. It’s a job that requires a lot of patience, so I’m going to do what I can to get the results I want.

Last but not least

The internship program I am participating in allows me to do a variety of  duties freely. I have no direct supervisor, and the daily quota for work is up to me. This is my first experience as an intern, and it is a very unique form of experience. However, it was a valuable experience to participate in an internship requiring personal discretion. If you are contemplating your internship, why not choose one that allows for personal discretion? I think you can gain social experience through an internship compared to a part-time job. Communicating withmy supervisor via e-mail and other means was a valuable experience for me. If you want to do an internship, you might be able to do more at a smaller company. Thank you for reading.