iU students tell us iU’s “top three most interesting classes!

Once students enrolled in college, they spent a year entirely online during the pandemic.

What on earth would a student choose to study under those circumstances?!

In this article, we’ll find out!

Hello everyone, this is Yoshino from the iU Blog.

This time, I’ll be writing an article on the top three most interesting classes at iU; according to iU students. Whether you are wondering what iU is, want to enroll at iU, or are already enrolled , please read this article and learn more about iU.

Let’s get started.

In third place

The “Management and Business Administration” course with Prof. Kazufumi Misawa.

In this course here is always group work and we have the opportunity to discuss, so we can acquire logical thinking!

Furthermore, you can learn thoroughly what strategies Japanese and foreign companies are using and how they acquire customers. I often hear from students that this course is interesting.  

In second place

The “Operating Systems” course with Prof. Noriyuki Sato. In fact, this is an elective course!

In this course students can understand the roles, basic concepts, and implementation methods of operating systems that are necessary for the formation of information systems.

There are a lot of exercises, so you can actually use your hands to acquire new skills by writing computer programs. Also, it is rumored that the teachers are very humorous and kind.

When students ask, “What is an operating system? Because I don’t know. I really don’t know.” The faculty will teach in a gentle and careful manner.

In first place

So, the prestigious first place goes to the “Innovation Project” course (InnoPro). The professors varied from class to class, yet I knew this course would came in first place.

This course is practically the main class representing iU. In the course, students create groups and work on projects together. The projects vary from group to group, and each group comes up with a project that they think is interesting.

At the beginning of the class, the instructor gives a lecture on how to proceed with the group activities, what to think about, and how to improve our approach. Of course, you can get guidance and advice from the teachers, but I think it’s quite difficult at the beginning, because you have to think and work on the project almost entirely in individual groups.

In the final class, groups present projects to the whole class. The top two groups are then selected. But, that’s not all. When students present projects visiting executives and investors, from various companies, listen to the ideas.

If a group’s project is well received they may be asked to work together with the representatives! This is a great chance to get one step closer to students’ future dreams.

In closing

So, what did you think about the top 3 interesting courses at iU, according to the iU students? Are there any other courses that you would like to take? I hope that this article has given you a little more information about iU.

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