iU Blog ver.2.0 Debut!

Nice to meet you all! This is the new iU Blog ver. 2.0! The iU Blog had a major change of members this year with the graduation of the first term students. Starting from this article, we will be officially active as iU Blog ver. 2.0. This year, we will be managed by four members with disparate personalities. We look forward to working with you!

Management self-introduction

Representative Miyazawa

Hello everyone! I am Miyazawa, a 2nd year student, and this year’s iU Blog representative!

I will try my best to post an article every Wednesday at 19:00!

I’m planning to do a lot of projects this year. I’m looking forward to working with you!


I’m Ganet, and I’ve been managing the iU Blog since this year!

I enjoy programming and music, and am currently making apps and songs for fun!

I’d like to write articles about things that are of interest to you and my areas of expertise here, so please do not hesitate to contact me!


Hello, I’m Sakana.

Nice to meet you.

I joined iUblog as a new member of the third term, and joined iUblog just because I thought it looked interesting.

I hope to write about what I want to introduce and what you are interested in through this blog. I look forward to working with you.

My hobby is listening to music.♪

Riku Sato

I am a 3rd year student who has a little bit of a loose end. I love Coke. I am in charge of public relations for the Startup Committee . I’m also a member of the OC staff, a founder of a typing circle, and I’m on Facebook and Twitter. I am on Facebook and Twitter, and I am looking forward to writing about all kinds of things. I am on Twitter @wasr1228. 

Management Twitter


The above four members will be managing the group. For ver. 2.0, we are planning many new challenges, such as recruiting writers and organizing events. We will also continue to do interviews, which we have been doing for some time now!