Introducing useful tools essential for remote work! Part 1 “miro”

Hello, this is Narazaki from iU Blog.

iU students are working on various project activities every day, such as innovation projects, collaboration projects with companies, and internships.

There are a lot of things to think about when working on a project as a team, such as managing who should do what, coming up with ideas, and sharing the content.

So there!

On the iU Blog, we’ll be introducing some useful tools that can be used for various project activities!

This time, as the first installment, we would like to introduce “miro”.

 iU 2nd year students are probably familiar with it since some of them use it in their English classes, but I think that not many 1st year students use it.

It’s a very intuitive and easy to use tool, so I highly recommend you use it!

In this article, we will talk not only about the functions and usage of miro, but also about the students who actually use miro a lot and what they find useful about it.

When you hear the word “miro,” you probably think of this, but it’s not.


miro is an online whiteboard that is basically free to use and can be edited collaboratively. Many people use it to summarize their research, analyze data, and generate ideas.

A feature of miro is the large number of templates and frames that can be used. There are many templates that you might use when doing a project, so if you want to make a document like this, you can usually find it in the templates lol.

You just need to type in the text and paste in the images to complete the document, so it’s very easy to create something of high quality!

To do this, first create an account and open your own board, then select Templates from the menu on the left.

It will open this screen

Find the template you want to use, and if you still can’t find it, you can narrow it down by searching.

You can use the Business Model Canvas or

Customer Journey Map

smartphone and computer screens, etc.

You can easily create and share a lot of documents using these templates!

We talked to some students who actually use MIRO a lot!

Yamato Sakamoto, 2nd year iU student

Yamato Sakamoto, a sophomore at iU, is working to commercialize his idea for InnoPro, and is currently preparing to establish a limited liability company after receiving investment from iStock. He is also participating in WONDER BOWLINE, of which Mr. Ebata is the president.

Q,For what purpose do you often use MIRO?

I often use it to think about what I’m thinking about in a diagram.

There are many templates in miro, so it is easy to draw a diagram, and by using arrows, it is easy to show cause-and-effect relationships, which helps me organize my mind.

One of the templates I use most often is a mind map. I use it to come up with ideas and to break down tasks.

Q. What are the advantages of using Mind Map over other document creation tools such as PowerPoint?

I think miro is easier to use for light memos that don’t require the use of Powerpoint, or when I want to organize my mind, because there are many templates and the operation is intuitive and easy to create documents. It’s also easier to get into the head of a memo if there are diagrams and pictures rather than just text.

The other thing is that it is easy to share. miro is very comfortable because you can collaborate on editing and there is almost no lag. It’s also convenient to know what other people are working on by looking at the pointer.

Q, Do you think it can be used for InnoPro?

I think it can be used. I think it can be used to summarize group discussions, identify tasks, create presentation materials, or anything else. Also, if you want to make an application, you can use miro’s templates to make a prototype, which will improve the quality of your presentation.

The documents created with miro can be saved as images, which will be useful when creating presentation materials using other tools.

Final Thoughts

This is the first introduction of a useful tool for project activities, and I would like to introduce “miro” to you. Do you want to try it?

When working as a team, it is very important for everyone to have a common understanding of what we are doing. Creating an easy-to-read document not only helps you organize your own mind, but also that of everyone on the team who sees it!

So, if you haven’t used MIRO yet, let’s use it to create easy-to-read documents!

iU Blog will keep introducing useful tools for your projects, so don’t forget to check iU Blog!

Download miro from here

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