What kind of people are the parents of iU students?

Hello, this is Hiyoshi from the iU University Blog. As previously reported, iU University is a new school which accepted its first year of students in 2020. It is a professional university* in Japan that differs from traditional higher education institutions and vocational schools. Certainly when children consider attending a newly established university, I wonder what their parents think about such aspirations. So, let me share with you a personal anecdote about the time I spoke with my parents about my decision to enroll at iU. I asked them four things to deeply understand what they thought.

* A professional university is an institution that provides practical vocational education to foster advanced real-world skills. Skills learned may include specialized knowledge to enrich the students’ creativity in order to create products and services, in addition to a wide range of valuable education.

Q: What did you think when I conveyed that I chose to attend iU University?

  • Father: I honestly felt that it was a wise choice which fits the nature of the future, and I am looking forward to it in the future.
  • Mother: I felt that it was a iU University that matched the ideal university, which I would have liked to attend myself in my own youth. So, I definitely wanted you to gain acceptance.

Q: If you had the opportunity to apply and attend iU University, when you were a student, would you enroll?

  • Father: Certainly iU would have been on my list of schools to consider. And I would definitely be attracted to applying. 
  • Mother: In the current global economy, where our nation encourages and recommends ICT skills, I would have considered applying. 

Q: What are your concerns about iU University?

  • Father: I’m afraid of the current pandemic situation. And, I wonder if the way classes are being conducted can be left as it is. Primarily, considering the number of students, I am skeptical about the health measures at other universities. So, I feel and want you to take measures which are unique to the university environment.
  • Mother: I’m worried that you have not been able to partake in face-to-face lessons, like students have in the past, due to the pandemic situation. Therefore, I’m worried if you are able to acquire the necessary skills, which should have been acquired during your freshman year. I would certainly like to see improvements in the arena of student support and any possible monetary compensation for families which are sending their children from rural areas, as compared to what other universities are doing.

Q: How does this university feel from the perspective of parents?

  • Father: I think during the past year, I came to learn a lot, more so because of the pandemic. But it is difficult to honestly judge much more than that, because it is a new school, during this past year alone. When I entered my university, I had high expectations and I feel I chose a wonderful university. However, I also do not know much about other universities. So, I’d like to expect something unique from iU University.
  • Mother: Professional universities are very attractive because I think that students can learn from a practical curriculum, be afforded corporate support, prepare for meaningful careers and such, which students cannot always achieve at an ordinary university. As a first-year student, I would take advantage of the various challenges because everything is still new.

My Impressions

I felt once again that my parents were more direct than I had imagined. And some say that the world today is an academic society. I think the majority of people feel that it is better to go to an established and famous university with a high deviation value. Yet, I know that my parents supported me in my decision to register to attend iU University. I am also very happy that iU University’s curriculum has been carefully created with the students in mind. Still, I have high expectations for iU and hope not to expect too much. After all, since it is still a newly established university with an unknown future, I think that it will be a long time before we can meet the ultimate expectations we bring with us. It is not always possible to produce immediate visible results. Furthermore, due to the pandemic situation, I understand that my parents worried about iU University’s response to the health and well-being of all students. To be honest, I feel that I was more concerned about myself as a university student.


I’m glad I was able to discuss with my parents about their thoughts and feelings. I don’t usually have many opportunities to communicate with them as such, so I’m glad I could use it as an opportunity to also share it for the iU Blog. At the moment, there are more than 200 students. Perhaps if possible, I would like to ask the parents of other students what they think about iU University too!

See you next time!