A day in the life of Harigai an iU student during the Pandemic

Hello, this is Kikushima from the iU blog! In this article, I interviewed an iU student, Mr. Harigai. I interviewed iU student Harigai, who agreed to be interviewed without any discernment, and I’ll tell you about his student life!

A day in the life of Harigai:an iU student during the Pandemic

Let’s get right to it and see what his daily schedule looks like!

09:00 ~ 10:00 – Wake up, breakfast, departure

10:30 ~ 16:30 – Lecture, reviewing stock charts

No lunch as he is too sleepy.

16:30 ~ 19:00 – Data Science

Attend a data science lecture at the University of Tokyo once a week for about 2 hours.

Participate in Kaggle, a data analysis competition.

19:00 ~ 21:00 – Strength Training

He does strength training 3 times a week.

21:00 ~ 22:00 – Go home, dinner, bath, work on next day’s assignments

01:00 – Go to bed

What he does in his free time?

Groundwork training, stock, data science lectures at the University of Tokyo, studying Python, reading, etc.

Actual timetable

2020 first semester

1MarketingStudy skills
2EnglishComputer & SoftwareManagementEnglish
(business scene)
3Mathematics AInnovation ProjectData structure &AlgorithmInnovation aspirations
(business scene)
Innovation Project

2020  second semester

1English (business scene)
2English (business scene)Introduction to AccountingNetwork Technology
3Introduction to researchMathematics CInnovation ProjectProgramming
4Legal literacyEntrepreneurshipEnglishInnovationProjectProgramming

Classes are divided between A to E, and the timetable differs depending on your class. You may be involved with other classes during the week.

iU Student Life Q & A

Q. Are most of iU’s lectures interesting?

A. To be honest, about 20% of the lectures I found interesting. Yet, I am interested in entrepreneurship, so lectures about such topics (e.g., entrepreneurship theory) were interesting.

Q. What kind of classes do you find interesting?

A. I liked lectures that required hands-on work and group discussions. Also, I find classes taught by professors whom I respect or who are good at speaking most interesting.

Q. What are the advantages of iU that other universities do not have?

A. The professors’ connections are amazing. This is the biggest advantage of joining iU. The partner companies and universities are also amazing. Companies like: Tokio Marine & Nichido, etc. and universities like: NUS (one of the top universities in Asia). Also, the relationship between the i Manager (a person who acts similar to a homeroom teacher at school) and the students is very close, so it is easy to ask for help.

Here’s an interview with Han, our i Manager

Q. Your daily schedule says that you check stock charts, does that mean you are investing?

A. No, I’m actually just looking at the movements of stock charts, not investing. I’m just looking at them for study purposes.

Q: What do you do in your spare time to train your brain?

A: I try to train my logical thinking skills by doing Fermi estimation.

Fermi Estimation… It is a method of calculating and estimating in a short period of time, using clues to logically find a quantity that is normally difficult to resolve. (e.g. How many traffic lights are there in Japan?).


Thank you very much for taking the time to read this article! Writing this article has made me realize that I want to do a lot more than just the basics for the assignment. There are a lot of other students out there doing a lot of different things, so I’ll keep introducing them to you! 

If you want to be inspired and enrich your student life, please consider enrolling at iU!