A place for iU students to hang out! Bunka Kodomo Shokudo Sanrinsha, a children’s cafeteria in Bunka, Sumida Ward

Hello, this is Narazaki from iU Blog! This time, I’d like to introduce you to a children’s cafeteria, Bunka Kodomo Shokudo Sanrinsha, located 5 minutes walk from iU!

What is a children’s cafeteria?

The Children’s Cafeteria was created with the aim of helping children who are suffering from being orphaned and have no one to share their meals with to learn the joy of eating with someone.
The food provided is free of charge, and is available not only to children but also to students and adults. It’s a place where people of all ages can share the same space.


At the entrance of the Children’s Cafeteria, a five-minute walk from iU, there is an interestingly shaped donation box. The Children’s Cafeteria is run completely free of charge.
Those who want to support the Children’s Cafeteria can put coins in this at the entrance! It’s very playful. lol


When you enter the cafeteria, first you need to fill in your name on the list.

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The interior of the restaurant was renovated from a former soba noodle shop. It’s beautiful and has a nice open feel to it.

There are even iU students working in the kitchen!

They have snacks, cup noodles, etc., which you can freely take home.
Money-strapped iU students who live alone should come here before they die!

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From Mr. Takemae, the owner, to iU students

We at the Children’s Cafeteria don’t care who comes, we don’t care who comes.
Please feel free to use the cafeteria as a place for iU students to rest or work. We are waiting for you.

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The author’s impression

I knew about the existence of children’s cafeterias, but I was hesitant to go, wondering if it would be okay for me as a university student. However, after visiting a children’s cafeteria for the first time and talking with Ms. Takemae, I realized that anyone can come.
It’s a very comfortable space, and it’s close to iU, so I encourage all iU students to visit!


Address : 1-13-2 Bunka, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Opening hours: Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 14:30~19:30
Nearest Station: 13-minute walk from Komurai Station on the Tobu Kameido Line
     7 minute walk from Jukenbashi Station on the Toei Bus