A five-minute walk from the iU, I’ll introduce you to the Green and Flower Study Garden!

Did you know that there is a botanical garden called the Green and Flower Study Garden near iU?
Surprisingly, many of you may not know about it.
And even if you know about it, I think most of you have never been there before.
I went there for the first time, and I’d like to share my experience with you!


If you walk out of the main entrance of the iU and go straight down the street on your right, you will see the Green and Flower Learning Garden on your left.

When I went there in July, three things were introduced at the entrance: “Marbushkan”, “Hydrangea”, and “Aoki”.

When I went inside…

We were greeted by some very beautiful greenery!
To my surprise, about 350 kinds of plants are planted in this “Greenery and Flower Study Garden”.
In addition, the flower beds are planted with seasonal flowers by “greenery and flower supporters,” or greenery volunteers.
It’s very atmospheric to be able to feel the change of the seasons through the plants!

As you enter the entrance, go to the right.

There was a corner called the Wildflower Garden, a walkway in the shade of the trees.
There was a bench inside, and I sat down on it.

This big tree (Someiyoshino) was planted in front of us.
Sitting on a bench in the shade of this tree was very relaxing.
Also, if you look behind the bench…

There was a cherry tree called “Kasumizakura” planted.
It seems that there are nine different kinds of cherry trees planted in this learning garden, and they all bloom at the same time in spring!
We’ll have to save that view for next year…
Next, the flower bed space? Next, the flower bed space!

I took a closer look…

There are a lot of plants that I’ve never heard of!
I’m especially interested in the “drinking floor” at the bottom of the center.
I’m really curious about it!
I’d love to see it in bloom someday!
Next, if you go straight ahead from the entrance…

They had built a very beautiful tunnel of trees!
At the end of the tunnel, there was a corner where fruit trees were planted.

By the way, the tree in this picture is a kiwi tree.
It’s not often you get a chance to see a kiwi tree.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t see any kiwi fruits, but I might be able to in a little while!
In addition

Ebisu area

There were various plants such as wolfberries.
Beyond them were

There was a very beautiful bamboo forest.
… I thought.

On the other side was the tropics!
The gap is amazing: !!!!

And more.

There’s a plant with an amazing name, the Kimigayo orchid.

The scenery was like a Japanese garden.
There were various other plants planted and not many people around, so I was able to spend a very relaxing time surrounded by nature.
Finally, when I left the Greenery and Flower Learning Garden, I noticed that I had more than five mosquito bites on my arms alone.
“I didn’t want to spend the summer in this place!
So, if you don’t want to feel like this in the summer, I recommend you to take insect repellent…

Facility Overview

Address: 2-12-17, Bunka, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Entrance Fee: Free!
Opening hours: 9:00~16:00
Closed: No holidays

The inside of the learning park looks like the picture above!
There’s a very nice facility right next to iU that you can enter for free any time of the year, all year round, and feel the seasons while communing with nature!
If you’re stuck for ideas for InnoPro, why don’t you come here with your group members to have a meeting and refresh your mind and body!
See you soon!