A chance to connect with business owners! Super Entrepreneurship Salon Report

Hello, this is iU Blog. This time, I participated in an event called “Sumida meeting to connect with iU” held by the “Super Entrepreneurship Salon” run by Mr. Kume, a full-time faculty member.
I participated in an event called “iU and Sumida meeting” held by the “Super Entrepreneurship Salon” run by full-time faculty member Kume. Here is a report on the event.

Explanation from Mr. Kume about the Cho-Entrepreneurship Salon

What is the Super Entrepreneurship Salon?

This event was organized by Mr. Kume, a full-time faculty member, who wanted to help students start their own businesses by creating a place where students and business owners can connect.

What is the Sumida Association connected to iU?

This is a meeting where we invite business owners from Sumida Ward who have close ties with iU as guests to listen to their stories and interact with them.

Presentation by Takuya Suzuki, an iU student

As a representative of the students, he presented his ideas for the current innovation project to the business owners.

Guest manager’s presentation

After Takuya’s presentation, the seven guest managers gave presentations on their company’s business and management philosophy. It would take too long to write about all of them, so I’ll just introduce three of them!

Keiichi Hamano, President of Hamano Manufacturing Co.

Hamano Seisakusho is a company that develops a variety of manufacturing businesses with its light footwork and high technology. Mr. Keiichi Hamano, President of Hamano Seisakusho, explained about the company’s business activities.

Mr. Shinro Saeki, President of Kameya

A bakery where egg sandwiches are popular. This is a bakery where eggs are popular. He talked about his passion for baking bread and the importance of human resource development.

Mr. Shu Kodaka, President of Orange Tokyo

A company that sells sandals for indoor use. He explained about the sandals sold by Orange Tokyo. He told us that the slippers are all handmade.

Many other people also gave presentations and exchanged business cards with the participating students!

Comments from participating students

It was great to hear from executives that I don’t normally get to meet.

I could see that they all value their management philosophy.

As an iU student, I wanted to do something to help when I heard that they were struggling with the difficulty of DX.