A day in the life of Kikushima, an iU student at Corona Disease

Hello, this is Kikushima from iU blog!

In this post, I’d like to introduce you to the student life of iU students!

How is it different from other universities? What kind of classes are there? What kind of college life do we have because of Corona disaster? I’d like to answer those questions!

A day in the life of Kikushima,

 an iU student at Corona Disease

8:50 – Waking up

The great thing about online classes is that you can wake up 10 minutes before class starts and still make it to class. I’m so used to this life that I’m worried I won’t be able to go to school when regular classes start.

9:00 – 1st and 2nd period

Because of the Corona disaster, all my classes are on zoom, and I’m tired of staring at the computer screen alone for a long time.

The first period is earlier in the morning than I thought, and I admire people who can wake up early…

I admire people who can wake up early… I think I’d be late if I actually went to school… (lol) Some people might take the class while eating breakfast, or in the futon.

12:10 – Lunch break

I eat one meal a day, so I don’t eat lunch. I take a nap or do my assignments during this time.

13:00 – 3rd and 4th period

Classes start again.

17:30 – Dinner

At my house, dinner starts at 16:00 (sometimes during class).

18:00, 19:00 – Part-time job

Many of my friends around me are working on projects instead of part-time jobs! That’s what I thought of iU students!

22:00 — Free time, assignments, group work

Depending on the class, there may be group assignments, where you have to discuss your work with your classmates.

I also go out with my high school friends and read for pleasure!

・Actual timetable

2020 Previous period

1  programming Data structure and algorithms 
2Study skillsComputer Structure(basis)programmingEnglish  
3Business EnglishMarketing (basis)Mathematics Innovation ProjectManagement 
4 Business English Innovation Project  
5     Innovation ships

2020  Latter period

1 Business EnglishprogrammingNetwork 
2Research (Basis) programmingMathematicsEnglish
3Law literacyMathematicsBusiness EnglishInnovation ProjectAccounting (basis)
4 Start up(basis) Innovation Project 
5Computer Architecture    

This is my real timetable. Except for Fridays in the second semester, all classes are online. The number of elective and compulsory classes seems to increase gradually! The timetable for lectures differs depending on the class you belong to, so it’s not very flexible.

The lecture schedule varies depending on the class you belong to.

The lectures are different depending on the class you belong to, so you don’t feel like you have much freedom. In these classes, we discuss case studies and work together as a team to formulate our entrepreneurial ideas.

If you are curious about what other lectures are available, please check the website here!

本学の特長 | 【iU】情報経営イノベーション専門職大学


Because of the Corona disaster, lectures were (now) in the form of online as soon as the school opened. All the lectures were real-time online lectures, but I thought the quality of education was the same as in a classroom. This is because most of the lectures involved group work and outputting knowledge!

 Although the start of the iU was delayed due to the Corona disaster, it seems that the remote lectures were planned before the Corona epidemic, and the teachers were well prepared. In the beginning, there were some small internet problems (classes didn’t start easily, etc.), but the university was able to respond flexibly to the online environment!

 In the second semester, I started attending school in person once a week. In the second semester, I started going to school in person once a week, but I could go to school whenever I wanted. In the second semester, I started going to school in person once a week, but I could go to school whenever I wanted.

 I was surprised to learn that many of my friends at other universities had only 2 or 3 real-time lectures a week, and other lectures were on-demand and only required submission of assignments.

・Support system at iU

Each class has a homeroom teacher and an i-manager, who are available for consultations, regular meetings, and support for students in various ways. iU has a system that other universities don’t have! They also introduce me to projects and part-time jobs from organizations and companies outside the university. In addition, they introduce you to projects and part-time jobs from outside organizations and companies, which will push you forward if you have joined iU but don’t know where to start!

・Small-group lectures (feeling and make friends with)

It is said that professional colleges have small classes with no more than 40 students in principle, but I didn’t feel that the classes were actually that small. (From the second year, there will be more lectures with exercises and practical training, so you may feel the advantages of small classes from now on.)

As for making friends, I think it’s easy to make friends in class because you can relate to most of the people through group work in class! However, there are few opportunities to connect with people from other classes unless you join some kind of circle or project….

However, there are not many opportunities to connect with people from other classes unless you join a circle or a project… Now that I’m in the Corona disaster, I don’t seem to be that active in circles, but I’m working hard in each committee and project using slack and zoom!


What did you think? Was it a surprisingly normal university life? Or did you feel something that you can’t find in other universities? I would be very happy if I could convey even a little bit about student life at iU to the people reading this article!

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