【English Circle】 6/23/2022 “01 Community Week 2022” REPO

Hello! My name is Misa from English Circle.

I recently visited the “01 Community Week 2022” event held at the SAAI Wonder Working Community in Yurakucho.

Four speakers involved in the education industry were in a session on the topic, “What is important for collaboration between learning and society?”

One of the four speakers was Ms. Fujimori, an employee of iU’s Admissions Unit!

Each of the four speakers spoke persuasively and detailed what impressed them the most.

Mr. Koura is in his 9th year in education and focuses on STEAM education. I was impressed by what he said about how much home economics is done in English these days and how much we can value what we like to do. For his theme, he said that it is important to collaborate with the local community. He explained that the local community is a resource and that making a valuable contribution to the community will further expand the possibilities for students!

Another powerful speaker was Mr. Nakayama, who works at Showa Gakuin Junior & Senior High School. He spoke about the importance of polite conversations. He explained that he carefully informs parents of the differences in understanding, how well they know their children’s information at school, and the situation of educational changes. Further, he stated that he faces not only students but also parents.

Ms. Fujimori, an iU staff member, spoke about the importance of creating a place where people can come back even if they previously failed. She said that learning and society can work together by expanding the places where we can connect rather than having borders.

Then there was Mr. Sugawara who is an entrepreneur leading Hitachi Frogs, a human resource development company. He mentioned the issue of parents’ generational doubts about recent education changes. Mr. Sugawara said that by helping today’s children to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and having them start their own businesses, parents will realize that they can achieve such ideas no matter what age they are. Mr. Sugawara also mentioned the importance of getting in touch with the local community.

This event was very valuable for me to participate in and to hear the real voices of teachers and staff in the education industry. The English Circle members will continue to participate in business-related events like this one. We will keep you posted on the iU Blog as we attend more events like this.

Thank you for reading!